Crustal Dynamics

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
on Innovative Areas, MEXT Japan

Crustal Dynamics Unified understanding of intra-island deformation after the great Tohoku-oki earthquake.

A02 (Deformation Group) Understanding crustal deformation of the Japanese islands in various spatio-temporal scales (Group leader: Takeshi Sagiya)


There has been a controversy about discrepancy between geodetic and geologic strain rates of the Japanese islands. In order to understand the crustal dynamics of the Japanese islands, it is of great importance to resolve crustal deformation in broad spatial (from geologic outcrop to island arc) as well as temporal (from geodetic to geologic) scales in a unified manner. We select the Ou Backbone Range, the Hida mountains, and the strain concentration zone along the Japan Sea coast as study areas, and conduct dense GNSS observation, InSAR analysis, stratigraphical deformation analysis, thermochlonological study of mountain uplifts, seismic scattering analysis and numerical modeling in order to reveal detailed deformation pattern and its spatio-temporal scale-dependence of the Japanese islands. Scientific output of our study about deformation pattern, together with information about stress field provided by the A01 group, will contribute to study mechanical properties of the island arc crust of Japan.