Session and Program

18 July 2016: Workshop on the Deep Fault Drilling Project (DFDP) - Alpine Fault organized by the New Zealand and Japanese geoscientists including Drs. Norio Shigematsu (AIST), Tomomi Okada (Tohoku Univ.), Rupert Sutherland (GNS Science), John Townend (Victoria Univ. Wellington), and Virginia Toy (Univ. Otago). This workshop is NOT included in the official program of the International Symposium Crustal Dynamics (ISCD) 2016. However registrants of the ISCD 2016 can attend this workshop, and vice versa.

19 July 2016: Field excursion to the Atotsugawa Fault


20-22 July 2016: Scientific sessions of the international symposium of crustal dynamics 2016, oral and poster presentations.

Scientific Program of oral and poster sessions: ISCD2016_program.pdf
Abstracts of oral and poster sessions: iscd2016.zip
Abstract pdf files are zipped with a password. Participants to the symposium are informed the password by e-mail. If you have a question, please contact to the registration desk.

20 July 2016: Reception dinner in Takayama Green Hotel

22 July 2016: The symposium closes at 17:00.


Notes: The Crustal Dynamics project is a composite project of consisting of six different researches (A01, A02, B01, B02, B03 and C01) linked with each other (See Crustal Dynamics webpage). The scientific sessions of the international symposium crustal dynamics 2016 consist of oral and poster sessions corresponding to the researches of the Crustal Dynamics project.

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